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Matches Played

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Total Records: 44
SACA PC:West End Mens 1st Grade
SACA PC:West End Mens 2nd Grade
SACA PC:West End Mens 3rd Grade
SACA PC:West End Mens 4th Grade
SACA PC:Under 16 Red
SACA PC:Under 16 White
SACA PC:Under 14 Red
SACA PC:Under 14 White
SACA PC:Womens 2nd Grade Twenty20
SACA PC:Under 18 Shield
SACA PC:West End One Day Cup
SACA PC:West End Twenty20 Cup
SACA PC:Ray Sutton Shield
1 Stewart, Daniel0000000000000
2 Weyer, Keaton0000000000000
3 Soodan, Taanish0000000000000
4 Sorella, Lachlan0000000000000
5 Weyer, Heath0000000000000
6 Erbsland, Sam0000000000000
7 Roberts, Jack0000000000000
8 Bhatt, Shubham0000010000000
9 Gillies, Aiden0000000000000
10 Brodie, Thomas0000010000000
11 Slape, Jack0000000000000
12 Golding, Josiah0000010000000
13 Secomb, Aidan0000000000000
14 Hein, Mitchell0000000000000
15 Howell, Joel0000000100000
16 McGinn, Patrick0000010000000
17 Gillies, Eligh0000000100000
18 Clifton, Mitchell0000000100000
19 Kulkarni, Ved0000000000000
20 Delaney, Jamison0000000100000
21 Potter, Jayce W0000000100000
22 Endersby, Rilee0000000000000
23 Roka, Milan0000000000000
24 Hanks, Noah0000000100000
25 Wilson, Billy0000000000000
26 Levins, Jaxon0000000100000
27 Pumphrey, Mitchell0000010000000
28 Sheppard, Ethan0000000000000
29 Amos-Treloar, Bailey0000000000000
30 Meakes, Blake0000000100000
31 Van Gestel, Hugo0000000000000
32 Carpenter, George A0000000100000
33 Lamsal, Aryan0000010000000
34 Rahman, Nameer0000000000000
35 hamblin, jimmy0000000000000
36 Linke, Hudson0000000100000
37 Dart, Luke0000000000000
38 Warren, Bailey0000000100000
39 Oxford, Jack0000010000000
40 Harvey, Liam0000010000000
41 Willson, Seth0000010000000
42 RAJKUMAR, LAKSHAN0000000000000
43 Stringer, Levi0000000000000
44 Clayton, Tyler0000000100000
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Total Records: 44


Number of matches played Not including matches where a player was a sub, or matches that didn't commence (Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout matches). If the "Include Abandoned, Forfeit and Washout Matches" tickbox is selected, then these match types will be included, but only if a team was selected.